A point of sale and inventory management system. Barcode enabled and compatible with all retail hardware.

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Blueprimes Essential  Retail Features

Blueprimes is designed with POS and inventory management features that provide automation, integrated insights, and real-time reporting that help streamline the entire business process. Check out the feature list to see how Blueprimes can be a salesperson’s best friend and overcome any sales challenge! Or download the free version and try it out.

Blueprimes also provides production management systems for the textile and clothing industry. Blueprimes M comes with complete production planning and control by automating the garment manufacturing environment. The module is integrated with business management and Blueprimes for complete interaction with business services.


Purchasing a Blueprimes POS system has many advantages, A POS (point of sale) system is a combination of software and hardware to support your business operations. The point of sale includes the software and hardware to run the software. Point of Sale makes it easy to keep track of your store’s inventory. It allows you to manage your stock in real-time and know how much stock you have in a given period of time. It allows you to store and update all your invoices. Blueprimes point of sale helps to make payments faster.

The user selects the products that the customer wants to buy and the system automatically calculates the price. The invoice can be sent via e-mail or printed directly on-site with the receipt printer. it is possible to record your customer information in your system. Your customers may be looking for something you don’t have in stock. If the product is popular, you have to place a new order. At Alice POS, we call these custom orders. You can enter the order in the auction and keep it when you get it.




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